The Right Ways to Manage Asthma Attacks


Asthma is a common chronic condition where the respiratory system of a person is involved. When a person has asthma, his airways constrict, become inflamed, and secrete an excessive amount of mucus on the lining, thus making it difficult for him to breathe in and out.

Asthma episodes are often triggered by exposure to environmental stimulants including smoke, allergens, cold or warm air, moist air, perfume, pet fur, exercise, and even physical and emotional stress. Rare cases of asthma, on the other hand, involve spine problems and nerve damage.

Asthma Management

While asthma is a common condition in many people all around the world, the fact remains the same that it is a disorder that needs to be treated properly and prevented at all times. To cure and prevent asthma from occurring regularly, one must be familiar and knowledgeable about proper asthma management. Asthma management includes factors such as a clean environment, well-balanced diet, regular exercise, disciplined lifestyle, healthy home front, and prevention and maintenance drugs.

If you or a family member is suffering from asthma attacks, be sure to observe proper asthma management. Here are some of the dos and don’ts you can enforce in your household to minimize asthma attacks:

Remove Allergens

First, keep the dusts and dirt away. Stuffed toys, carpets, and draperies collect dust so avoid using them. Use blinds instead of curtains for the windows; they are easier to clean and do not collect too much dust. Give the stuffed toys away. Replace all pillow cases with hypo-allergenic ones. If possible, cover your mattresses with leatherette covers. For clothes, cotton is the best material. Regularly clean electric fans and have the air-conditioning unit checked every six months.

Watch Out for Food Triggers

Watch what you eat. It is smart to list down foods that induce asthma attack and post it somewhere visible to remind you every time. Plan your meals well and use only the freshest ingredients. Limit the intake of chicken, seafood, and even hairy and citrus fruits as they trigger asthma attacks. Moreover, stay away from processed foods, such as cold cuts and canned goods because they contain lots of monosodium glutamate and other preservatives that are also unadvised for those suffering from asthma.

Get Rid of Smoke

Switch on the exhaust fans at home when cooking to prevent the smoke from entering the other areas of the house. Keep pesticides, even the water-based ones, from children. Seal them tightly and place them where children cannot easily reach them.

Stay Away from Air Pollutants

Air pollution can trigger asthma attacks so stay away from them. Have your car checked regularly to prevent causing air pollution. If a family member must smoke, he or she should do it outside or in areas where the smoke will not reach the patient.

The good news about asthma is that you can outgrow it. By following the above preventive measures and changing your lifestyle, it is not impossible to get rid of that irritating condition. Couple these with therapy or chiropractic care and you are sure to be on your way to fast recovery.