Breathe, Relax, and Rejuvenate: De-Stressing the Right Way


Being able to find time for relaxation does wonders to one’s life. In today’s rat race, stress actually diminishes one’s capacity to do productive work. A study conducted by James Gordon, M.D., Director of the Center for Mind-body Studied in Washington, DC shows that too much stress increases one’s susceptibility to illness and disorders such as headaches, migraines, asthma attacks, and back pain, hence reducing one’s capacity to work efficiently. Stress also contributes to a negative self-perception.

So, when you feel that life is moving too fast or you notice that everyone is rushing, take time to stop for a while. It doesn’t always mean that you have to keep up with your officemates’ hasty living, does it?

Take a break and relax! Try these simple tips on how to take a break from this fast-paced life and see positive changes in your lifestyle:

  1. Have quality time for yourself. Spend a couple of minutes just by yourself. Having this quality time need not be expensive. It could be as simple as staying in your room with the door locked while listening to relaxing music. Try this for 10 to 20 minutes every day in order to see significant changes in your stress levels.
  1. Take time to reflect and meditate. Being able to reflect actually helps in reducing stress. Try talking to yourself, while alone, in order to get in touch with your feelings. Thresh out the negative feelings like anger, sadness, and disappointment that you have experienced through the day. You may also do simple meditation – sit upright, close your eyes, breathe in and out, and think of nothing. Doing this, even in as less as 10 minutes, would help you attain a more peaceful disposition.
  1. Connect with pets. Because pets seem to always be there for you and listen to your thoughts, it is always great to keep a pet and connect with it once in a while. If you can and if you have a time to take care of one, try getting a pet. You will notice that the emotional benefits of owning a pet are immense.
  1. Connect with friends and family. Often, when you get too occupied with work and daily engagements, you forget about the people close to your heart. Reconnect with them and spend quality time together. Plan a day out for shopping, eating, watching movies, or just hanging out at home and reminiscing wonderful memories in the past.
  1. Pamper yourself. Take time out to give yourself some royal treatment. Eat dinner that is special than usual, go to a spa for some therapeutic massage, get a chiropractic treatment to remove all pressure from the body, or prepare some popcorn while you watch a DVD at home. Pampering yourself need not be expensive; the point is being able to feel snug and happy amidst being busy.

Remember, the more important things in life happen when you are busy. Don’t get too occupied that you miss witnessing these. Breathe, relax, and rejuvenate once in a while.